Friday, 16 September 2011

what can I say about Dato Azizan.....

Hello rakan rakan, my first posting on this blog, hope this is of interest to you all. Also Selamat Hari Malaysia guys.

Anyway, let's get down to business.

What more can be said about Dato Azizan, the hubby of SC chairman or chairperson must not be sexist Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar?

Well, actually there's lots to say, so much that joe public doesn't know, but should know. This guy takes the cake people, he creates havoc while wifey dearest heads the Securities Commission.

A new age Bonnie and Clyde maybe?

For starters, Azizan is on the board of several public companies. One of them is oil and gas player Ramunia Holdings.

You see, Azizan heads Tabung Haji's, investment commitee and by virtue of that he is chairman of Ramunia. The pilgrim fund has quite a big block of shares, about 25% in  Ramunia and is the largest shareholder. So of course Azizan has a lot to say and do over there.

Just last week Azizan created quite a commotion when he threatened other board members, some of whom were unhappy with him hogging the limelight for all the wrong reasons as a result of the insider trading allegations against him.

Yes at Eastern and Oriental where he is also the chairman.

Azizan's timely purchase of shares just before Sime Darby buying in raised quite a few questions (which have yet to be answered by the way), with the Securities Commission investigating the issue. When the Securities Commission (let's call it the SC) comes up with the results of the investigations is anyones guess.

What many don't know is Azizan and Dato Bakke Salleh (Salleh right?) are tight, friends from Penang Free School it seems. The two are what we Malaysians would call "kakis" or "pang yaus" to us Chinese.

If you bought a house in an area where a friend is staying wont you consult him first? Same here I guess, which explains Azizan's timely purchase, which according to his wife is not in contravention of any law.

Sadly it's not a one of thing that Azizan is being bad mouthed. Just ask anyone around.

For the record, he, Azizan is also the reason why wifey got the job heading the SC...Azizan is also mates with good old Pak Lah, (sorry Tun Pak Lah, our former PM famous for dozzing off during the most important of meetings).

We were talking about people who dont like Azizan? It seems you can find plenty at Ramunia and the SC.

With Ramunia which is one of those PN17 think it used to be called PN4 companies, (meaning its a screwed company) itself Azizan has created many enemies both within Ramunia and the SC.

Seems Azizan was prone to calling up SC personnel at his every whim and fancy, giving instructions on how Ramunia's files should be treated. At Ramunia meanwhile he didnt make many friends when he sold a company of his for shares in Kencana Petroleum (former PM Tun Mahathir's son Dato Mokhzani controls this company). Azizan had a considerably large stake in Kencana, more than 5% that he had to disclose it to the Bursa.

The question is how can he sell it to Kencana when he's the chairman of Ramunia? There is such a thing as a fiduciary duty to Ramunia. Both Kencana and Ramunia are oil and gas companies mind you and compete for jobs.

There's more to this...late last year Dato Mokhzani and Azizan went skiing....yes skiing, "meluncur salji" in Canada. While some say that there was the acquisition of a house somewhere for Azizan, this is not verifiable.

Anyway it is perfect that Azizan got his 5% or more in Kencana just before it was announced that Dato Mokhzani and Dato Shahril Sahamsudin were merging their two companies, Kencana and Sapura Crest Petroleum.

Azizan's timing is just great,  maybe that's why he got the top job at Tabung Haji's investment team.

Seems some directors of Ramunia were looking to question Azizan's role as chairman of Ramunia, but they kept their traps shut after being told off by him.

There's just so much talk about our local Bonnie and Clyde these days it's just not funny anymore. How can the SC chairman's husband hold shares in public companies and head the investment committee at the pilgrim fund?

Will the long arm of the law ever catch up with them? Certainly hope so. Malaysian's are tolerant people, but dont take us for fools please.